I started this business in order to serve my family and friends. I believe, like compound interest, that making small, intelligent financial decisions everyday leads to significantly stronger financial positions in the future. I believe that each one of my clients deserves to have their interests placed ahead of all others’, and a roadmap to better understand where we are, where we are going and how we plan to get there. I believe the markets are efficient, and that a long-term strategy implemented through a well-diversified portfolio is the best way to capture returns. Prudent investing requires patience, discipline, and a proper asset allocation.

I don’t believe individuals can consistently beat the markets by picking stocks. In attempting to do so, I believe many people are exposed to a rollercoaster of emotions that tend to tell them to perform the wrong action at the worst time. Investing is not without risk, but taking a disciplined approach, rooted in academic rigor, gives me the conviction to weather the rough times and maintain our strategy to capture value, size, and profitability premiums when they appear.

Investing is an inherently optimistic activity. I believe that the global economies will continue to grow. That many years from now there will be a smarter, more efficient world. There will be corrections, crashes, and recessions along the way, but that doesn’t deter my long-term outlook; one in which I’d like to put capital to work in so that we too may enjoy a better tomorrow.

“I want all my friends and family to have financial health. I want their money to work as hard for them as they do for it.”

  • John D. McAndrew III, Owner